Ashwin Fined for Code of Conduct Breach in CSK vs RR Thriller.

Ashwin’s on-field brilliance needs no introduction, but his fiery passion can sometimes land him in the umpire’s crosshairs. In the CSK vs RR thriller, it seems his frustration with a crucial umpiring decision got the better of him, leading to the hefty fine. But what exactly happened, and what are the implications of this breach on Ashwin and his team?

Unfurling the Controversy – Decoding the Code of Conduct Breach

Umpire’s Call, Ashwin’s Frown:

At a pivotal moment in the game, the umpires decided to change the ball due to dew. This seemingly innocuous decision seemingly irked Ashwin, who expressed his disapproval visibly, potentially going beyond the acceptable limits of player conduct.

IPL Code of Conduct: Protecting the Spirit of the Game:

The IPL Code of Conduct exists to maintain fair play and respect for on-field officials. Ashwin’s actions, deemed by the match referee as a Level 1 offence under Article 2.7 (public criticism of match officials), resulted in the 25% fine.

Navigating the Fallout – Impact on Ashwin and CSK

A Sting to the Wallet, Not the Performance:

While the fine might pinch Ashwin’s bank account, it shouldn’t affect his on-field performance. He remains a vital cog in CSK’s bowling attack, and his spin magic will be crucial for their title aspirations.

A Lesson in Code Compliance:

This incident serves as a reminder to all players of the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct. Respect for umpires and maintaining the spirit of the game are paramount to upholding the integrity of the IPL.


Ashwin’s fine for his on-field behavior adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing IPL season. While the penalty serves as a necessary course correction, it’s the cricketing action that will take center stage. As for Ashwin, expect him to channel his fiery spirit into taking wickets, not headlines, in the pursuit of IPL glory for CSK. So, keep your eyes peeled on the maestro of spin, for his journey in the 2023 IPL promises to be anything but ordinary!