Former Pacer named Chief selector as Pakistan’s reshuffle.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been under immense scrutiny following Pakistan’s disappointing performance at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The team’s early exit from the tournament sparked calls for a thorough review of the team’s management and selection process. In response, the PCB has initiated a comprehensive reshuffle. The appointment of Wahab Riaz as the new chief selector signaling a clear intent to address the team’s shortcomings and steer Pakistan cricket towards a brighter future.

Riaz’s Appointment: A Sign of PCB’s Determination

Riaz’s appointment as chief selector is a bold move by the PCB. Signaling its determination to break away from the traditional approach to team selection. Riaz, known for his outspoken nature and independent thinking, is expected to bring a different dimension to the selection committee.

Riaz’s Experience and Expertise: A Valuable Asset

Riaz’s vast experience as a pacer and his deep understanding of the game will be invaluable assets in his new role. He knows what it takes to play international cricket and its challenges. He should make well-informed choices that will advance Pakistan’s cricketing prospects.

Riaz’s Task: Revitalizing Pakistan’s Cricketing Fortunes

Riaz’s primary task as chief selector will be to identify and nurture talent. Build a cohesive team. Instill a winning mentality. He will also be responsible for bridging the gap between the national team and the domestic cricket setup, ensuring a smooth flow of talent from the grassroots level.

Addressing the Team’s Shortcomings: A Key Priority

Riaz will need to address the team’s shortcomings, such as inconsistent batting performances, an overreliance on a few key players. A lack of strategic clarity in certain situations. He will need to identify players who can fill these gaps and build a team that is capable of competing with the best in the world.

Instilling a Winning Mentality: A Cultural Shift

Riaz will also need to instill a winning mentality within the team, fostering a culture of hard work, self-belief, and collective responsibility. He must establish a setting where athletes are inspired to push their limits and flourish under duress.


The appointment of Wahab Riaz as chief selector signals a new era for Pakistan cricket. His experience, expertise, and determination make him an ideal candidate to lead the team’s resurgence. The PCB has placed its trust in Riaz, and now the onus is on him to deliver results and restore Pakistan’s cricketing glory.