Free Hits: Kohli scores 12 runs from one legitimate delivery. 


Free Hits Virat Kohli made history in the 17th match of the 2023 Cricket World Cup against Bangladesh on October 19, when he scored 12 runs from one legitimate delivery after Hasan Mahmud bowled two consecutive no-balls. Kohli’s feat is the first of its kind in international cricket, and it highlights his incredible batting skills.

How Kohli scored 12 runs from one delivery

Free Hits Kohli was on 85 runs when Mahmud bowled his first no-ball. Kohli took full advantage of the free hit, smashing a four through the extra cover region. Mahmud then bowled another no-ball, and Kohli this time hit a six over the long-on boundary.

Mahmud finally bowled a legitimate delivery, and Kohli hit it for a two. Kohli’s 12 runs from one delivery is the highest number of runs scored by a batsman from a single legitimate delivery in international cricket.

Significance of Kohli’s feat

Kohli’s feat is significant because it shows how dangerous he can be when he is on form. He is a master of all three formats of the game, and he is one of the most consistent batsmen in the world.

Kohli’s 12 runs from one delivery also highlights the importance of staying focused and alert on the field. Mahmud’s two consecutive no-balls were costly, and it shows how important it is for bowlers to be disciplined.

How Kohli did it

Kohli was able to score so many runs from a single delivery because he is an excellent batsman. He has great timing and hand-eye coordination, and he is able to hit the ball with great power. Mahmud bowling a poor delivery was another factor that aided Kohli. The ball was short and wide, and it was easy for Kohli to hit it for a four or a six.

Kohli’s form in the World cup

Kohli has been in excellent form in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. He has scored four centuries in four matches, and he is currently the leading run-scorer in the tournament. Kohli’s form has been instrumental in India’s success in the World Cup, and they will be hoping that he continues to perform well in the remaining matches.


Kohli’s 12 runs from one delivery is a testament to his batting skills and his ability to capitalize on mistakes. It is also a reminder of the importance of staying focused and alert on the field.