Kiran Navgire, Grace Harris Help UP Warriorz Thrash Mumbai.

In a display of sheer dominance and cricketing prowess, UP Warriorz’s Kiran Navgire and Grace Harris lead their team to a spectacular victory against Mumbai Indians. Marking their maiden win of the WPL 2024 season.

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 season witnessed an electrifying match as UP Warriorz clinched their first win in a stunning fashion against the formidable Mumbai Indians. The spotlight shone brightly on Kiran Navgire and Grace Harris. Whose exceptional performances propelled the Warriorz to not just a win but a thrashing of their opponents. This game was a testament to the skill, strategy, and spirit of the UP Warriorz, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.


At the heart of the Warriorz’s triumph were the explosive innings by Kiran Navgire and the all-around excellence of Grace Harris. Their partnership was a masterclass in batting and teamwork, turning the game in their team’s favor.

Kiran Navgire’s Power-Packed Performance

Navgire’s batting was a spectacle of power and precision, as she dismantled the Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack with ease. Her innings was a critical factor in setting a daunting total for the opponents.

Grace Harris Shines with All-Round Brilliance

Grace Harris complemented Navgire’s batting with her own all-round performance. Not only did she contribute significantly with the bat, but her bowling and fielding efforts were pivotal in restricting the Mumbai Indians.


This victory is more than just a win for the UP Warriorz; it’s a statement to the rest of the league. The Warriorz have showcased their potential and have thrown the gauntlet down for the other teams in the WPL 2024.

Boosting Morale and Team Confidence

The maiden win of the season has undoubtedly boosted the morale of the UP Warriorz. It demonstrates their capability and resilience, serving as a foundation for their campaign in the WPL 2024.

Shaking Up the League Standings

With this win, UP Warriorz have not only secured crucial points but have also shaken up the league standings. Signaling their intent to be contenders for the title.


The UP Warriorz’s emphatic victory over the Mumbai Indians. Thanks to stellar performances by Kiran Navgire and Grace Harris, has set an exhilarating tone for their campaign in the WPL 2024. This match was not just a showcase of individual brilliance but a demonstration of strategic teamwork and the Warriorz’s fighting spirit. As the season progresses, the UP Warriorz, buoyed by this win. Are now a team to watch, promising more thrilling cricket action in the games to come.